Style Arcade
Sydney, Australia

Style Arcade helps your fashion brands to perfect their product offering through Fashion Analytics and Range Planning software.

The fashion industry is rapidly changing and with leaner and often remote teams Style Arcade provides workflow automation and the ability for the whole team to collaborate in real-time.

A SaaS platform that gives retailers a visualization of historical, current, and future ranges, engaging all teams across the business.

With Style Arcade you’ll be able to answer all your burning questions:

  • Why did my product ranges perform the way they did?
  • How do I visually assort my range by hemisphere, country, channel and store?
  • What are my ideal size curves by channel, category, store?
    Am I over or under-investing in certain areas?
  • How do I automate my budgeted spend tracking?
  • Do I have the correct options, width and depth in my range?
  • What will my range look like for customers at each store grade?

Retailers are ditching Excel and generic BUI Tools and upgrading to real buying and planning sophistication.

Style Arcade grows fashion brands by aligning the entire business on their number one asset, product.