Tap Media
Melbourne, Australia

Just tap. No app.
Tap Media offers a technology solution that completely changes the game for retailers and the brands they sell. Powered by NFC (Near Field Communication) Tap Media works with retail industry leaders to create triggers in-store, and on products. Triggers in the form of electronic stickers, that when tapped by a smartphone will display critical product information and core brand messaging. Driving increased engagement, and increased sales.

Use Case Scenarios
· In-store: Stop the unguided, time consuming, ‘Googling’ of product information in-store. Program electronic ‘tags’ to enable shoppers to get the information they need, when they need it, just by tapping their smartphone.
· E-commerce: Create a digital personality for your products. With one tap of their smartphone your customers can learn more about your product, watch your content, or re-order direct from the product itself.
· Strategy: Learn how shoppers and customers are interacting with your products in-store, and in the home, and drive insights as a result.

Team Members