HQ: NY, London, Hong Kong | Australia HQ: Sydney | Global (110+ cities)

o    We help our clients Go Global via the power of localisation and technology – across all aspects of the international (as well as right here in Australia and NZ) non English speaking customer journey.
You want to talk true personalisation? It’s a fact – people prefer to buy in their own language. For many companies looking to expand globally (and engage with diaspora audiences here in ANZ), language is often viewed as a simple add on. But it’s not just about translating correctly – it’s about capturing your carefully cultivated brand voice, ensuring that (quite literally) doesn’t get ‘lost in translation’ – and adapting that to your global consumers, each with their own unique cultural nuances, buying habits and perspectives.

o    With offices in 100+ cities and global clients including the likes of Qantas, Penfolds, Aesop, Canva and Calvin Klein – we aim to simplify the often complex challenge of taking your company global.
For retailers – we support anywhere from initial SEO in-language keyword research to identify priority markets, product labelling and compliance, digital marketing localisation, eLearning for your training teams right through to website localisation & customer service support – via integrations with 60+ partners incl. Adobe, Shopify, Sitecore, Salesforce & Zendesk.

o    Whilst localisation is often not viewed as a necessity in Australia – it’s critical to ensuring brand awareness, trust & setting up a scalable framework for global success.

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