Seeded by Temasek in 2020, Trustana helps businesses deliver hyper-personalized shopping experiences by providing precise, comprehensive, and high-quality product data across all channels.

We believe that global commerce is transforming

  • Consumers are increasingly expecting to access products and services in their preferred digital ecosystems that fulfill other necessities beyond retail e.g. Tik-tok, Whatsapp etc.
  • Seamless omnichannel experience is becoming a fundamental expectation and failure to provide a cohesive journey across various touchpoints – online, mobile, or in-store, risks turning customers into detractors
  • Consumers want hyper-personalization in experiences and products to inspire them to eat and consume what is fit for their bodies and minds

To stay relevant, retailers, distributors, and brand owners need to be well-equipped with tooling to ensure their product data is high quality, trusted and interoperable to engage customers across digital ecosystems.

With Trustana’s product suite (Onboarder, Content Enrichment, PIM and Connect), you can automate creation of your digital backbone for commerce to

    • Boost conversions through channel-specific & SEO-friendly product data
    • Build customer trust in your brand and product with high quality product data
    • Save hours of manual work by automating product data capture, enrichment, centralization and syndication
    • Reduce time-to-market and expand into any market with automated localization and translation

and more…

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