Waave Pay by Bank is a new payment method that leverages modern banking rails to allow consumers to make simple and secure payments using their bank account with instant authorisation at up to 80% lower cost for the merchant.

We are also the lower cost, simple and secure way to accept and make payments in Australia. We’re talking: a simple & fixed 28 cent transaction fee, instant authorisation, faster funds settlement and no dishonour charges or chargebacks. We work with all Australian banks to help businesses enable simpler consumer-to-business payments.

By connecting directly with banks and underpinning our service with biometric authentication methods, fraud is minimised and chargebacks are removed. There’s no need to store or remember your card or CCV numbers, improving convenience and significantly reducing fraud. Consumers can also take control of their money by understanding and managing their subscriptions and payments in the palm of their hand.

Waave is an ACCC-accredited data recipient and is regulated by AUSTRAC. This means your data is secured with the highest encryption management systems compliant with all Australian open data regulations.

Waave gives you flexibility and scalability by integrating with commerce platforms for desktop, mobile, online and in-store. We have plug and play solutions for Shopify, CommerceTools, Magento, WordPress/Woo Commerce and more. These tools allow you to go live in days (not weeks).

Save money with every transaction via Waave.