Australia: Sydney | Americas: Los Angeles | Asia: Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong | Europe: London, Amsterdam

Parxl is the door-to-door parcel delivery service by Singapore International Airlines. Parxl facilitates end to end delivery of international parcels including customs clearance and duties. The key difference is that Singapore Airlines owns and operates the aircraft. This provides us with delivery efficiency and guaranteed space on over 130 flights per week in/out of Australia. We can also provide inbound parcel services to Australia for businesses with global warehouse solutions. With over 1100 flights globally per week, we have the frequency and connectivity to serve you customers and be a partner for international growth.

Beyond our door-to-door freight services as part of the Singapore International Airlines Group, we can also open opportunities to market and grow international sales and exposure, via our loyalty and marketing programmes.

When a business engages with Parxl, you become a partner of the Singapore International Airlines group and we work in partnership to help your business grow.

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